Monday, September 22, 2008

made from a dream

the other night i had a dream in which i made a stop motion film...i woke up and i decided that i would try to make the movie from my dream in real life.

here it is:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

our adventure in the bronx and a tribute to the deathset

sooo the other night alfie and i braved the hurricane and made our way not only out of the house (we, unlike karl lagerfeld, are not made of wax and therefore NOT waterproof) but to 'the bronx', if you can believe it.

i know what you're thinking...what could possibly be so important that you would travel to the far reaches of new york city land? answer: the deathset.

now. alfie was a bit skeptical that this journey-which required the use of the metronorth to take us to Fordham "we love jesus" University-would be worth it. to ensure it would be, we got drunk and popped some stackers on the way.

once in 'the bronx' we found our way to the campus and were escorted to the basement of mcginley center by two men who could only be described as...booze-loving-bro-jocks. we asked them where we could go to get drunk and they replied "hell".

"hell" turned out to be a sketchy diner with a creepy waiter who did his part to get us a little drunk. after a few visits to the albanian couple running the sarah palin bodega fan club, we were back at fordham ready to get our dance party on. and dance we did.

ninjasonik+the deathset=bromance times infinity

both me and alfie got elbowed in the face even though we are decidedly not that short and no one else was very tall. i have a bruise on my upper lip, illustrated below:

now we're hooked on the punk-rock junk and can't stop making little treasures for those boys. we're pretty sure they should be in the clubhouse right now.

for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, September 7, 2008



we have been slacking because we are in school things are coming up though!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


last night alfie and i went to ellen frances' art party and this morning i woke up hungover from drinking too much wine

my hands are sticky and im covered in plaster dust and glitter and reminded of my love for the melodica and creative thinkers